Monday, March 28, 2011

Solid political groundwork AFC style

In 2006 many disenchanted PNC supporters voted for the AFC thinking that they all were fresh with new ideas and dynamism instead this is what they've gotten so far:

  • Gaumattie Singh doused with acid and chased out the party
  • Frequent walk outs of parliament in support of the PNC
  • A few newspaper ads
  • Peter Ramsaroop forced to leave over a disagreement with its leadership
  • Gerhard Ramsaroop forced out after he supported Trotman as its 2011 candidate
  • Sheila Holder- A RUBBER STAMP
  • Ramjattan's frequent uninformed outbursts-AN EMBARRASSMENT TO THE PARTY
  • Fraudulent polls
  • ROAR has taken over the party's leadership
  • Complaints to the OAS
  • Complaints to U.S State Department
  • And now they writing Norway on the LCDS funds

Is this what they voted for?


  1. Since the AFC came on the scene they had shown nothing but their incompetence in decision making and always have difference among members and some even left cause they couldn't agree on issues so all in all the people who voted for this party has voted for nothing since they hardly seem to exist.

  2. Many have stated that they worked hard for the AFC to accomplish 6 seats in parliament but that was a thing of the past and they refuse to support this party due to all of the infighting and walking out that the members of the party are doing,also that the party is now a racial party.