Saturday, March 5, 2011

Benschop entered Mc Coy's house by breaking a glass door.

-irate villagers damaged his SUV

The glass door broken by Benschop to gain entry to Mc Coy's property

As the story unfolds we have learnt that around 9:00 am this morning Mark Benschop accompanied by two men made their way to the Diamond property owned by Kwame Mc Coy and proceeded to forcibly enter the premises by damaging a glass door. While inside Benschop proceeded to take pictures and it was during this time that he was confronted by several workmen who had now gathered to commence work. Benschop reportedly told one of the men that "Kwame Mc Coy does this to other people" and began questioning the amount of rooms in the building. He was then challenged to remove by the other workers and a physical altercation ensued.
Benschop and his accomplices made off in a hurry with Benschop scaling several fences while being chased by several villagers. Contrary to what is being reported, nothing was removed from Benschop's abandoned SUV. The windscreens were however, smashed in by irate villagers and Benschop lost his slippers and camera while fleeing in some bushes.

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