Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Judson Lohmeyer exposed as a common crook.

-OP releases blackmail letter

Judson Lohmeyer

Below is the blackmail letter sent by Judson Lohmeyer, former Project Manager, OLPF, who resigned when confronted about the misrepresentation of his qualifications as well as under performance. Lohmeyer then threatened to disclose the media aspects of his work experiences as the consultant responsible for the launch of the OLPF initiative unless he was paid about US$9,000 subsequent to his separation from the job.

Hi Steve:
I was wondering if this might not be an auspicious time to approach you on reconsidering making full reparations on my consulting agreement.
I gave proper 30 day notice. It was you who elected not to have me work those days. That does not forfeit the 30-day payment.
I’m in great demand for comments and interviews on the goings on at OLPF and OP.
While I believe my work and discussions are confidential, that is only valid if the terms and obligations of the consulting agreement are fulfilled. I find GoG in default.
I am only holding GoG accountable for the contract, in fact, I have evidence that you acted in bad faith by interfering with my ability to perform my duties as Project Manager hence forcing me to resign.
As far as I’m concerned you personally owe me the full value of the consulting agreement.
This e mail serves as final notice to GoG that it is in default on the consulting agreement between myself and the OP by failing to make full reparations.

Thanks, Jud


  1. Why is it when people are expose for crookred behavior or wrong doing they always try to black mail the person or persons who expose them.

  2. Now judson was dismissed from the one laptop Per Family for crookedness and he want to blackmail the govrnment is the same thing that he got knock off for.

  3. To answer your question Anony #1: because the person is insecure and most likely incompetent, and so to compensate for these unbecoming attributes they use blackmail to harm those that they have harmed. In otherwords they are throwing their unbecoming behaviour back to the person/s (in our case the OP-GOG) whom they have harmed.

    Judson is a blue jackal, and I am taking this from the popular Indian story, where the person wears a facade, but remove the facade and there is a different person. Jud claims on the quack of a website radio station that he cares deeply for the Guyanese people, but all Jud cares for is self, for if he had cared for the Guyanese people he would not have taken on a job he could not perform to the expectation of the GOG, he would not have sought to blackmail the GOG, and lastly he would not have sought compensation for work that he never performed, however, his actions against us will haunt him for the rest of his life, for the world now knows he is a scoundrel who uses blackmail to compensate for his own incompetence and insecurity. This story is all over the web.