Saturday, March 26, 2011

AFC’s political blunder – Guyanese will never forget what ROAR represented


The AFC continues to commit major political blunders. This party hails itself to be of a multi-racial dimension, but many of its members are former ROAR members. ROAR, as we know, was a heavily Indian-based party which has a history of partisan politics.
From their campaign manager, Salim Nazrudeen, to Amar Panday, the AFC continues to put too many former ROAR members in engaging positions. The Guyanese people must not be fooled.
They must remember what ROAR represented; the Ravi Dev philosophies of securing Indian interests against others. This is not healthy for Guyana.
Of course, the AFC must ultimately decide who joins their party; it is their democratic right to do so. Nevertheless, the implications of projecting such an image of their party may be the loss of desperately needed votes, among other more dire consequences.
I would have supported Raphael Trotman, but I must say that this severe political blunder which the AFC have committed will surely cost them many votes. While they were able to slash the PNC’s votes at the last election, I strongly believe they will not encounter the same fate at this year’s election, if the PNC can somehow, find a way to encourage their supporters to go out to the polls and vote. At the 2006 election, many of them did not vote. Ramjatan will not be able to pull as many votes as Trotman did, especially in light of this new revelation.
What does the AFC hope to accomplish with Ramjatan as presidential canditate, and employing so many former ROAR members in engaging positions? The people of Guyana never respected ROAR and its politics. They have chewed it up and spit it out because it reeks of the one thing that Guyana does need. And because of this, ROAR was never a force to reckon with in Guyanese politics.
Surely, the AFC must know that this will do more bad than good to the party at the next election. Guyanese will never forget what ROAR represented; however well they may disguise themselves.

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  1. The AFC is just as racist as the ROAR and the PNC, remember the Gomattie Singh incident, racist to me, you see they don't understand the dynamics of politics in Guyana, they think we all vote ofr our own kind, so why not trick us by putting up Hemraj, you see the trickery, but the voting population is astute, in fact too astute to vote AFC or PNC, for we know the best party to govern Guyana is the proven PPP. I would not vote for AFC, for one thing when Trotman was in the PNC didn't he know the PNC was bad for Guyana, then all of sudden he wake up one morning and realised it was a bad party, he trottman is an opportunist, just like granger is clueless, he knows nothing, he will just sit home and relax himself whilst the country spirals into abject poverty, no to granger and no to ramjatthan, no no no