Thursday, March 24, 2011

Benschop threatens to murder Kwame Mc Coy.

Information Liaison to the President, Kwame Mc Coy yesterday accused former treason accused, Mark Benschop of threatening his life.
The presidential spokesman said in a statement that around 5:20 PM, he received a death threat via telephone from a voice believed to be Benschop’s and another voice which is unfamiliar to him.
He said the person believed to be Benschop told him that: ‘’Kwame the toxic waste, the war is not over between me, you and your peanut butter crew. I will take your head’’.
Mc Coy said immediately after another person went on the phone and said to him: “You %^&*()$ eye-pass Mark, we gon murder yuh.’’
He said he told the caller, ‘’Come if y’all got belly‘’ and he hung up the phone.
"I have every reason to take this threat serious” said Mc Coy, while mentioning the fact that over the last few weeks Benschop, on his nightly Internet radio programme, regularly announced to his viewers, the directions and descriptions of his(Mc Coy's) house and vehicle as well as those of his staff.
In one instance Benschop told a caller to the programme "these people don't realize that we could reach over their shoulders anytime and touch dem".
Persons have cited these statements as well as the comments on Benschop's site as clearly intended to cause the foolish among his flock to harm Mc Coy and members of his staff.

They have also noted Benschop's association with criminal elements, particularly the 5 prison escapees and also overseas based drug dealer, Tookie Van Rossum, who funds Benschop's, terrorist operations as well as his lavish lifestyle.
Benschop was also fingered in the murder of Joel Fraser, a local actor who was having an affair with his ex-wife Maria. Fraser was found with his throat slashed on the Georgetown Seawall and Benschop subsequently fled the country.


  1. The authorities need to look into these treat made by Mark to Kwame and his staff and place him behinds bars.

  2. Mark has the nerve to threaten Kwame life and his staff as well.Kwame is right to tell them to come try doing what they said that they will do that is if they have the guts.

  3. Wow....MB has taken this to another level i guess he is shame that he was beaten by the hands of McCoy so he wants to take the man life.THROW MB ASS IN JAIL 4 LIFE and end this.

  4. Kwame we are with you boy, let mark try, for he mark digging he won grave.

  5. Well the cat has finally jumped out of his bag ey! MB has finally revealed the abrupt and demonic individual he really is. Treats, warning and even live actions he's portrayed towards criminal acts. How far would we as Guyanese let this go? We cannot let these maniacs loose in our country, yes we have democracy, but we don't have freedom to kill as the PNC had. MB needs to made a public example to the others who wanna make threat...