Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Police destroy 100 kilogrammes and 644 grams of cocaine

Police Tuesday destroyed close to GUY$10 million worth of cocaine that was seized over the last three years.

The 100 kilogrammes and 644 grams of cocaine that were accumulated during the period June 2007 to December 2010 were dumped into the Atlantic Ocean.

Superintendent of Police from the Narcotics Branch, Errol Watts explained that the cocaine which has an estimated street value of approximately $10M was yielded from 36 drug busts. Twenty four cases saw convictions while the others were dismissed, he said.

The majority of the cocaine was intercepted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) as well as the various police divisions across the country.

Watts added that the Force needs the support of persons with the necessary information so as to go after the “bigger guns” that are engaged in narco-trafficking.

“The relevant information is not forthcoming, often we may know who those persons are but we do not have the evidence to charge them,” he lamented.

In December 2010, 422,000 kilogrammes of cannabis were destroyed by the police at the Mayor and City Council’s incinerator, Princes Street.


  1. The Customs Anti-narcotics unit (CANU)must be congratulated on the work that the have done over the past few months of intercepting drugs mauls who try to export the illegal substance.

  2. The authorities have manage to destroy many marijuana field and stop many drugs traffickers in there effort to export the drugs to the united state and other countries.

  3. The Customs Anti Narcotic department are doing efficient work with intercepting these drugs traffickers.

  4. The CANU department have improve in busting these drugs maul at the Timehri international Airport.

  5. Lies, they dumped white sugar into the Atlantic. The PPP mafia sold the seized cocaine on the open market to finance their elections campaign