Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you know........

David Granger

Do you know that Burnham never promoted David Granger because he illegally transferred army assets to his name?


  1. The former and man who many Guyanese claim was a good president for this country Burnham never promoted this man due to his dishonesty and lack of trust in him.

  2. Corbin should have payed attention to the former leader of that party and know the reason why he was never promoted,or does Corbin think that by putting him as the presidential candidate for the PNC that it would be easier for him to get guns for for his criminal gang and the killing of Guyanese citizen.

  3. Well once again Corbin has proven his incompetence to us all, David Granger a past & present master mind to crimes in Guyana. Guyana be prepared for much more mayhem now that the PNC have released the Persians...