Thursday, March 24, 2011

Liveinguyana responds to Christopher Watson.

Liveinguyana is absolutely certain that as Mr. Christopher Watson and those in his defense will give us more reasons to stand by our story as they continue to speak on our revelation of his criminal association with Mark Benschop....................... Keep on speaking guys.

Mr. Watson's letter in today's Stabroek News confirms our story about his support to the Mark Benschop's criminal enterprise. At no time did our initial and subsequent writings about Mr. Watson address the question of race. So mentioning the ethnicity of your mother and father will not impress anyone and by extension does not mean you are not connected to a criminal enterprise.

Mr. Watson tries to convey the impression that he stands for decency, objectivity and fair play without any evidence or record of his condemnation of Benschop's website which is vile, vulgar, promotes racial disunity, violence, extremism and defame the good character of our countrymen and women. It is this same 'sunday school boy (Watson)' who admitted he sent money to Mark Benschop for the tortured teen.

Mark Benschop is a rogue element in our society and everyone knows that except Mr Watson. If indeed he wanted to support genuine causes why then didn't he gave the money to Red Cross or Help and Shelter?

Mr. Watson cannot get pass us with his bullshit.


  1. He is connected to criminal elements by choosing to help a criminal youth and by the very act of choosing Benschop Foundation to supposedly administer the tea party he threw for the criminal youth

    I am sure if fineman was alive watson would be collecting money to support him too through the benschop foundation.

    You see the sheep in wolf behavior, oh my 4 years old daughter loves nature, in other words he is now painting himself as a family man who is good and kind and would bot harm a fly, he may not harm a fly, but he seeks to harm our good government, and where was he when Burnhaam was wrecking havoc on us with his party parmountcy and surpremcy, and the thing about his grand mother who is so sympathetic to our good governemnt, look give me a break, for I am sure if push come to shove he would have benschop take out poor granny and her sympathy ways.

    Thanks Live in Guyana for exposing this scrondrel, and continue to do so for I am not afraid of him. Continue so that the world will see what the new terrorist is like, baby faced, bible thumping and he baby nature loving.

  2. This is watson's granny, just want to let you all know he didn't inherit my genes, as he has not brains, for he can't recognise a good government in Guyana. And let me tell him here that I have been a PPP supporter all of my life. I don't know where he get that stupidness from that I am sympathiser, the only time I offer sympathy is when people dead. I shame ah he. Sincerely Granny

  3. You see how watson wicked, pulling in his four year old daughter with her nature loving ways. Your four year old daughter does not understand nature, just like how you do not understand that giving money to benshop is the same as committing murder against fellow innocent Guyanese.