Tuesday, March 8, 2011

McCoy offers Diamond property to Benschop at selling price of $50M

-accuses Stabroek News of 'gutter journalism'

THE following is a statement issued late yesterday by Mr. Kwame McCoy, Information Liaison Officer to the President:
THE Stabroek News is so entrenched in ‘gutter journalism’ that it is using bitter, bias, anti-government critic Mark Benschop as its source for information.

The newspaper telephoned me today (yesterday) using Benschop’s valuation of $100 million for a property under construction by me in the new Diamond Housing Scheme. The newspaper asked a conclusive question, and I quote: “Mr. McCoy, could you say where did you get G$100 million to build your house?”
It is interesting how Stabroek news has adopted Benschop as a credible source for information. This perhaps brings clarity to that newspaper’s continued bias, distorted and un-objective reporting.
May I use this opportunity to offer (Mr.) Anand Persaud, Editor-in-Chief of Stabroek news and Mark Benschop the Diamond property at a selling price of G$50 million. I anxiously await your response to my offer


  1. Benschop will be able to buy it with the money that he receive to funds his criminal organization that he and his overseas drug friends run....

  2. Mark will surely buy it since he does get lots of money to conduct criminal activities and run criminal gangs.

  3. good offer...mark could afford dat easily...he's da best at makin false clims so that ppl can fund his organisation which really is to aid in his own personal luxuries...

  4. mark always wanted Kwame position that is why he is obsess whit how he is living.

  5. Mark would jump to such an opportunity YES! But to prove that he is an "ordinary citizen" as he claims, he would search a way to reek havoc off of this and yet try to bring Mc Coy to his feet.

  6. It's a beautful house in a upscale part of Greater Georgetown. It's worth 100K. Go for it Mc Koy and stop the petty quarrel. Focus on a profit. That what a free econony offers.