Saturday, March 19, 2011

Exposing shameless supporters of Benschop's terrorist activites

From today we will begin exposing those shameless supporters of the terrorist activities of Mark Benschop.
Benschop's activities includes the murder of hundreds of Indo-Guyanese by the Buxton/Agricola 'Freedom fighters' and their off-spring, the 'Fineman Gang'. Benschop today uses the accumulated loot from these gangs to fund activities designed to permeate our society with fear and in the process killing as much Indo-Guyanese as possible.

Christopher Watson

Chris is a Guyanese who migrated several years ago. After the case of the tortured teen came to light he started donating money. He paid US$2000 for Benschop to hire a hit man to kill the Policemen fingered. The contract killer took the money but never did the job.


Tel: 917-459-8421


  1. Kwamie Mc Coy/ PPP Christopher Watson is no terrorist.

    Terrorism is the PPP strategy and that is what you are doing to this young professional Guyanese because he has been bold enough to speak out and support a teenage victim of PPP torture and terrorism in Guayana whose penis was burnt by the PPP police.
    Kwamie= PPP= evil= terrorism , death squads. Murderer of hundreds of young black men, scores of Indian businessmen murdered by the Gadraj / Roger khan death squads

  2. a wha skunt dis ya,,...who is dis jackass writing dis ....buggaring is dat one?

  3. Thanks a giga for starting this expose of that criminal Benschop. Expose him to the fullest. Do research on his accomplice Fraudy Kissoon and expose that sonofabitch too.

  4. What nonsense is this , the young man above Mr Christopher Watson is a friend of mine whom I refuse to believe would engage in such skulduggery he may be very vocal and opinionated and would even cuss me out for my loyalty to my government but never would I believe that he would pay to have anyone kill.

    Chris is a good father, has been a friend in need , he is patriotic and God fearing . He may not be PPP and will say any and everything that comes to mind that is against them, but he will not stoop to killing nor does he need to team up with Mark Benschop.

  5. This is horrible that there are those who would kill fellow Guyanese in cold blood so as to put fear in the hearts of our fellow Guyanese. I find that Benschop to be very unpatriotic and very RACIST. I don't know the man Benschop, but I can feel the racial hate towards me just from what he says and broadcasts on his strange radio and newspaper website.

    Judson may have thought he had a friend in Benschop but I am quite confident that he Benschop does not like the best bone in Judson. I would bet my life on the above statement

    So sad, that I an lost for words as I try to compehend how fellow Guyanese like the one pictured above and that Benschop can facilitate others to carry out the wanton killings of my fellow Guyanese. So sad. I am glad you are here to expose this unintelligent and racist Guyanese, thank you Live in Guyana. Love you all my good Guyanese people who support our duly elected government led by President Jagdeo.

  6. Kwame Mckoy I dare you to Fuck with Mark Benschop one more time...I will blow you and Jagdeo head a matter of fact you need to inspect your toyota raum everytime before you go into it...because one day it will blow up in fron od the office of the op...we are tired of you now...your fat ass is about to die...stop making up these bullshit stories...nobody believes you anymore

  7. Are these people blind?.They are helping a man to destroy a country where they came from by funding his criminal activities or they don't know what he is be doing with their money.

  8. Mark Benschop is doing all that is possible to corrupt this country and the people as well.He try at everything to scare the indos Guyanese of this country.

  9. Who the fuck are you people to so blatantly accept bullshit from this blog. You skunts are so stupid to believe that a man who was innocently trying to protect a child from the torture at the hands of the PPP, would be a terrorists. Why cant we coolie people wake up and see just how bad our government has become. Kwame McCoy is a nasty, nasty antiman who would lick anybody ass. I cant wait for the day when you are no longer in power.

    ps. I don't give a fuck if you don't post this, but at least you will read it you black antiman.

  10. How dare you people call this trash on this website journalism? Not even the worst forms of tabloid reporting are as bad as this! not tell me, what do you expect to happen by posting this PRIVATE CITIZEN's Phone number and email address.What is supposed to be the outcome? This is goes against the very core of ETHICAL reporting. And if you people are real reporters, I suggest you be bold enough to use a byline and your real names! Expose yourselves since you have no problem doing so to others.

  11. My heart grieves for my country.
    Anyone with any common sense can tell that a blog site like this that sees everything PPP does as right cannot be credible. No party or government can be right all the time.
    How can everyone who speaks out against PPP atrocities be enemies of the state?

    Come on people, open your eyes and see the dunces who right this article for the blind idiotic mercenaries that they are. They have sold their souls to the PPP devil for a little bit of money.
    Shame on you, whoever you are! Shame on you! Not one of you can put your dirty feet in Chris Watson's shoes. An honest man from humble beginnings who has made something of himself without stooping to the blood money grabbing level of the PPP cabal.
    Open your eyes, Guyana! Open your eyes like the Arab people!

  12. whatever benschop did or didnt do i dont know - but Christopher Watson is not part of such crap which was said about him!!! whew! the lengths people go to to try and make other people look bad - i suppose its becuase of elections time in Guyana! Anyways - we the citizens and young people of Guyana have a right to air our opinions and views - if someone didnt like Christohper's whatever it is and for whatever reason - that is their business! you dont accuse people of atrocities because you dont like them - that tells of your character - which is not to be trusted!

  13. I am flabbergasted as to the preposterous posting of this blog. Christ who I’ve know all my life no doubt is being maliciously targeted for being everything the PPP government is not; a respectable, compassionate, well educated, family oriented human being but most importantly someone who CARES FOR OUR COUNTRY and the Guyanese people. The unremitting brainwashing of the Guyanese people by the PPP Govt. and their followers should not be allowed to continue unchallenged. For Guyanese who are under the spell of the PPP Government’s malevolence schema; I pray for your souls and those of your family……

  14. I think this i refered to as deformation of character which seems to be the basis of these discussion boards and some news papers. No investigation , No facts, Just hear say,slander and unfounded allegations

  15. You can say all you want about Christ, but I am quite sure he would not like this Guyanese because of my race. I am anti chris and anti bencshop, both racist and dangerous and these are the people you calling kind and compassion which goes to sure you don't know the meaning of those two lovely words. I am glad we have Live in Guyana to expose them, for I would know nothing about the scoundrels watson and mark.

    These two want the dark days to reign in Guyana where we were all vulnerable and subsequnetly are raped by these scoundrels expose them many times for all to see.