Thursday, March 3, 2011

AFC policies directed by racist ROAR Executive members.

Sasenarine Singh

Sasenarine Singh former ROAR activist. Submitted application for a Ministerial position in the PPP/C government and became incensed after it was rejected

Salaudeen Nausrudeen

Racist Salaudeen Nausrudeen, a former top Lieutenant of Ravi Dev.

Was also a senior member of ROAR

Malcom Harripaul

Former Executive member of ROAR. Left the PPP and joined ROAR after his Indo-centric policies failed to find favour with Dr. Jagan

Dr Tarron Khemraj

Also a former senior member of ROAR. Boasted about the superiority of the Indian race while a member of ROAR. Now AFC economic point man.


  1. This why the member of the party tend to make racial remark at the public meeting.

  2. How do they expect to get any support from the citizen of Guyana when they want to be racist and the people are looking to be one people and one nation.

  3. They Guyanese citizen have become one people and one nation under the leadership of the PPP government and there is now way that they would let any opposition destroy the hard work of this nation.