Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is complaining to the OAS how the AFC expects to win in 2011?

AFC officials pose with OAS Assistant Secretary General, Albert Ramdin, third from left.

The PNC has been a dismal failure as the main Opposition Political Party in Guyana but is the AFC is any better?
Complaints by the AFC to foreign organizations like the OAS (who are more concerned with Haiti; a much greater hemispheric problem than Guyana) and the US State Dept which considers Guyana to be an irrelevant swamp stuck in some remote corner of South America cannot substitute for real political groundwork.

The AFC's 2011 Presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan had considerable clout within the PPP and wasn't troubled by this party and its policies until late in the day, why is it that the AFC feels it's immune from that which they accuse the very PPP of?
With elections around the corner Ramjattan, Trotman and company ran off to the OAS screaming that Jagdeo is a bad boy probably with the hope that the entire OAS Secretariat will flock to Guyana to vote AFC. Is this how the AFC expects to win in 2011?

In 2006 many disenchanted PNC supporters voted for the AFC thinking that they all were fresh with new ideas and dynamism but instead the AFC went to parliament, took out a few newspaper ads, staged fraudulent polls and complained to the OAS and U.S State Department.
Is this what they voted for?

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  1. The AFC new strategy of dealing with matters of this country is running and complaining to the United State and the OAS.Maybe they thing that they might get in power by using this childish way of dealing situation.