Saturday, March 12, 2011

Berbicians are better off today and Freddie knows it

Harry Gill: In his most recent column: “I ask Berbicians to have dignity and respect themselves” (Kaieteur News, March 10), Freddie Kissoon’s plea to the people of the Ancient County can be compared to water falling off a duck’s back.
Let us forget for a moment that Berbice has traditionally been touted as the stronghold of the PPP, and let us focus a bit on Freddie.
Too much knowledge is sometimes just as bad as having too little; such is the case with Mr. Kissoon.
He continues to insult and degrade ordinary Guyanese as if he is so superior to every one else, and doing so with more frequency in his daily columns.
Taking his usual pot-shots at the President is one thing, but as a Guyanese, I feel offended when he insinuated that Berbicians who supported the PPP/C are “stupid, idiotic and self-destructive”. Maybe that’s why he feels they will now listen to him.
In an earlier letter, I had written, “It is a thousand pities that a man who professes to be as educated as he, takes up valuable space to perpetrate daily attacks against the present administration without offering any constructive solution. I have no doubt that while some of his concerns and arguments may be justified, he comes across as bias and angry, with a personal agenda to single-handedly bring down the PPP/C.
As such, he defeats the very purpose for which he writes, for he is viewed by many as an antagonist whose articles lack credibility.
Mr. Kissoon should tone down his rhetoric, and offer some real solutions to the many problems facing the nation; maybe then, readers may take him a little more seriously.” My opinion has not changed since.
I have no idea when last Freddie Kissoon visited Berbice, but I was there less than a year ago. I had discussions with some residence there who expressed gratitude to the PPP/C government for all the progress that are making a huge difference in the lives of so many ordinary citizens:
The Berbice River Bridge is now a reality; there is now a ferry service between Guyana and Suriname; electricity in villages that were in darkness under the Burnham and Hoyte Administrations; new and better roads have been built; new schools have been built at all levels, from nursery right up to the University of Guyana, Berbice Campus; water supply, drainage and irrigation have been improved; more Berbicians are now homeowners; a new sugar factory was commissioned at Skeldon; the National Ophthalmology Hospital in Port Mourant; health care have been greatly improved, with future projects to include a Deep Water Port in Berbice by year end, and a joint venture to build a bridge between Suriname and Guyana… in Berbice.
Freddie asked the people of Berbice to forget what Burnham did to them; to forget waiting in long lines to buy a loaf of bread and essential food items that were rationed. To forget not having a job because they had no PNC Party Card to prove they were supporters of the PNC regime.
To forget the discrimination against Indians and some people may very well have forgotten. Some are too young to have experience that shameful period in our history. But I say this sincerely: Berbicians are better off today, and Freddie knows it.
Why is it so difficult for the opposition and political pundits to acknowledge the good things a Government does, with the same enthusiasm that they criticise the bad? This type of irresponsible behaviour will cause them to lose credibility and support. They have already lost mine.
I have been critical of this Administration for not being transparent in its dealings and perhaps the opposition is partly responsible for this. For if everything that is done by the government is greeted with criticism and ridicule despite the obvious benefit to the country; if the mission of the opposition is perceived to be one of division and destruction, then perhaps in the minds of the Jagdeo Administration, they feel justified to withhold information, knowing they will never get critical support. So instead of having meaningful dialogue with the opposition, they simply adopt the Nike slogan: “Just Do It” and hope that the people will be better off for it.
This coming election is crucial to the development of the country. We have made slow but steady progress, and have paid a very high price for it. Guyana has sailed through some deadly storms, has been tossed around and ran aground, but now appears to be solidly back on course. The voters will have to decide whether to continue with this Administration under new leadership, or to risk it all in a crapshoot by electing the opposition. Freddie may think ordinary Guyanese to be stupid, idiotic and forgetful…I don’t.


  1. Freddie don't even lives in Berbice to know that its not well off Berbice is very develop and the people are well off than in the PNC time.Freddie is just one of those who continue to live in denial that they are no development taking place.

  2. The people in Berbice are seeing lots of development and the live of the Berbician are Better now with the development that they have obtain under the current Government.

  3. How is it that Freddie can say that the Berbician are not well off and they are seeing development such as housing scheme Lights along the road way the Berbice bridge to make travel between the East and west coast of Berbice etc.