Saturday, March 12, 2011

PNCR’s Aubrey Norton disrespects Speaker of National Assembly

Debate in the National Assembly on Thursday evening ended in a heated exchange between the Speaker of the House, Ralph Ramkarran, and People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) member, Aubrey Norton, that led to yet another ‘walkout’ by Opposition members before the matters on the agenda were completed.
Norton, in his contribution to a motion on the observance of Commonwealth Day, moved by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, diverted to a highly political ‘tongue-lashing’, implicating President Bharrat Jagdeo in actions which he (Norton) said, “do not promote democracy.”
People’s Progressive Party member Gail Teixeira intervened on a point of order, and informed the House that Norton has breached the standing orders which stated that the president’s name shall not be used to influence the National Assembly.
The Speaker of the House then reminded Norton of the intentions of the motion to which his course of argument had no relevance.
Norton, in his defence, said that the Opposition did not reach a consensus with government on the content of the motion, a copy of which , the Speaker informed, had been given to Opposition Leader, Robert Corbin since 2010, and despite several inquiries, there was no response with regard to its content.
Norton then retorted that the Opposition Leader was not present in the House to validate that claim. The Speaker retorted that such a statement by Norton would consequently deem him (the Speaker) a liar.
To which Norton said , “I did not say that, but if (its) that’s what you want to conclude.”
The Speaker demanded an immediate apology with the alternative of Norton being banned from speaking in the National Assembly again, to which Norton, replied, “Apologise for what?”
The Opposition (including members of the Alliance for Change (AFC)) then proceeded to walkout of the National Assembly, before the adoption of the motion was completed.
The motion states that the Guyana Parliament and the Executive of the Guyana Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) will be duly recognizing March 14, 2011 as Commonwealth Day, and will be holding an activity in support of this year’s theme, “Women as Agents of Change.”


  1. They never had any respect for this country when they where in power and continue to disrespect people of land and without apology and continue to stifle this nation with their walkout actions.

  2. THE entire country is ran like a joke what you expected?