Thursday, March 3, 2011

Emile Mervin should spend less time peddling AFC propaganda and more time looking after his neglected son.

Emile Mervin's neglected son

Emile Mervin of the AFC finds all the time in the world to peddle AFC propaganda yet he's a failure as a father. He abandoned his son, Erwin Mervin (in picture) since 1988. He has constantly promises to send money but never does. He promises barrels but none ever arrives. He said things bad in America with the economic crisis. Yet he has time to to write shit all day for Kaieteur News. Despite all this though he still sends money for his three concubines in Charlestown.


  1. Well this only mean that the AFC is more important than his son.

  2. This man interest should tell people that he is not someone that you should even give a hearing to.How does a man who find time to write propaganda and send money for some concubines and dont have time for his child.