Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Guyana's achievements in child welfare, protection issues lauded by UNICEF Representative

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carolyn Rodrigues-Birkett and Deputy Representative of UNICEF Rudiger Luchmann pose with the signed Annual Work Plan 2011

Representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Rudiger Luchmann has lauded Guyana for its achievements in ensuring a better quality of life for children while striving to provide a safer and more conducive environment for them.
During the signing of the 2011 Annual Work Plan between the Government of Guyana and UNICEF Monday at the Grand Coastal Inn at Le Ressouvenir, East Coast Demerara, the UNICEF representative noted that Guyana’s legislative landscape progressed favourably for women and children with the expansion of the protective legal environment. He stated that the eight pieces of children’s legislation, five of which have been passed by Government in 2010, in addition to the creation by law and continuation of a visibly committed Child Care and Protection Agency, and the formation of a fledgling Constitutional Commission on the Rights of the Child were among key achievements for the country.
According to Luchmann, much progress for children was realized last year with one important achievement being a stronger knowledge base to guide programming for children and women which helped to identify critical gaps that need to be filled.
Referring to the Guyana/UNICEF collaboration, Luchmann stated, “We have been extremely blessed with the relationship that we have with the Government of Guyana. It is an extremely strong commitment for the issues that are relevant for training, inclusive quality education and child survival, child health services and child protection as well as child services.”
He said that there is a tremendous amount of new policies, laws and legislations that were implemented in 2010, such as the Sexual Offences Bill and other child-rights related legislation that the partnership needs to follow up on, in addition to working towards holistic implementation of the legislation for all children in Guyana, regardless of their geographical location.
Luchmann further said that the two bodies will work holistically to ensure that all the provisions that have been implemented are put into effect in 2011, so that poor children are not left behind.

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