Friday, March 11, 2011

Kissoon has taken a 360 on Benschop

The extract below was taken from a series of articles written by Freddie Kissoon in 2002 on the militant conspiracy then centered in Buxton. The title of the series was "Theorizing with Freddie Kissoon: The failure of the Buxton Conspiracy". However, since then a disgruntled Kissoon frustrated with his inability to get his way on certain matters has taken a 360 degree turn and now supports Benschop's militant and extremist activities.

Freddie Kissoon: Hoyte had nothing but contempt for Mark Benschop because he saw him for what he was - an extremist, wild, unstable person infatuated with himself who showed no respect for established political leaders in the PNC and who thinks he is a leader better than those he came and met. There is the definite suspicion that Robert Corbin wants to keep his distance from Benschop, who would have no hesitation in challenging Corbin publicly for leadership. The reason why I belaboured this point about Benschop is to drive home the danger Guyana faced when criminals with guns and empty heads and dangerously misguided activists filling those heads with everything that was historically and politically wrong, went on the rampage. Indeed, an explosion had to occur and it did in Buxton!


  1. Freddie was one who use to criticize mark.Now he is a strong supporter of this same empty head Mark Benschop.Well i guess its like they say empty barrel makes the most noise.

  2. The reason why Freddie made such turn and started to support Benschop strongly was because he saw hat Mark is a man just like him that is empty headed and like to make lots of noise to gain attention.Well birds of a feather do flock together.

  3. These two men are like X-mas blow blows, they lean against each other for political motives although they have knives at each others throats.

    The other morning i Observed F.K at the park taking a stroll which shortly after followed him taking a piss as tell me F.K who are the ones decaying Guyana?

  4. both freddie and mark stinking up we country with their urine and stinking mouths.