Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Criminal gang caught in PNC boat.

PNC boat recovered by police

The police in Berbice have apparently broken up a criminal gang and in the process, captured four men and recovered a boat and 48-horsepower engine owned by the People’s National Congress/Reform.
The boat and engine is supposed to be moored at the party’s Kwakwani location in the Berbice River. The fiberglass boat and engine were used by the party to conduct its business in the riverain areas.
Reports indicate that the boat and engine worth some $2M were being used by four men on Saturday. The men, it is understood, intended to use the boat to commit a series of crimes and then make their escape by river.
The police after diligent investigations moved quickly and nabbed two men at Tain on the Corentyne Coast.
The men, it is understood hail from Linden and Kwakwani. Further investigation and interrogation of the men led to two others being arrested in the East Bank Berbice area.


  1. We all know that when the election times comes around the PNC and there criminal gang start with there chain of criminal activities.

  2. This is how the PNC want to win the people vote for this year election by scaring the people with there criminal activities.

  3. The PNC rain of terror had started but the Guyana police act on intelligence and manage to arrest the criminals before they attack any more Guyanese citizen.

  4. If it wasn't for the quick work of the police the PNC thug would have gotten away ......with election around the corner they would do anything and once again they are supporting the criminal

  5. This party are given support to the criminals once again to wreck havoc in that community