Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ramped-up crime wave begs the question…

-Does Granger control the present "Dogs of War'?

The Burnham USA/UK team let loose the “dogs of war” on Guyana when the two
countries decided that, of Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Forbes Burnham the latter was the “lesser of two evils”, thus precipitating the most destructive era in the history of Guyana, barring none, when the Guyanese nation almost self-destructed because of machinations of two unscrupulous and merciless global superpowers and a decadent and power-drunk local despot.

The PPP fought for and won suffrage for the people from the colonials, and the country lost it to the dictatorship. The army hijacking ballot boxes in 1973.

Today those wounds in the soul of the nation are being healed – slowly but surely, although the “dogs of war” are ramping up the crime wave. However, only those who own the dog can call off the dog, and there are many promises of “addressing the security problem” in Guyana.
The aging but ambitious Granger is now trying to portray himself as a career soldier who was patriotic to his country; but which patriot wages war against his own people? As one letter writer said, he “…will now have to explain his role as Forbes Burnham’s Political Liaison Officer at the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), and in the 1973 seizure of ballot boxes by the GDF that gave the PNC a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Even the PPP has never been able to amass a two-thirds majority in any election with their superior numbers, but the PNC did it in 1973, with a little help from their loyal friends in the GDF. It is not good enough to sweep this issue under the rug by explaining how loyal a soldier Granger was... only following orders. Professional ethics and his conscience should have forced him to resign from the GDF rather than be part of a machinery that disenfranchised so many Guyanese, and stole the elections from the PPP.
“By placing his career above the interest of the Guyanese people; by remaining loyal to Burnham and the PNC; and by his continued silence over the years on the GDF-executed election fraud in 1973, David Granger has forfeited his right to question the decisions relative to the emerging PPP/C Presidential Candidate, or to take issue on any other matter of national interest.”
Granger was also security advisor to Desmond Hoyte during the worst election rigging in the history of Guyana, superseding any of Burnham’s efforts, and he strategized many of the policies that kept this nation captive and subjective to PNC bullyism and dictatorship, with the result of every Guyanese family suffering unimaginably, except for a special few elites who were provided luxurious lifestyles, much state property, and who accessed every type of foodstuff that the people of the land had to line up in long queues for, especially as a result of Hoyte’s much touted Economic Recovery Programme, which was dubbed as “Empty Rice Pot”, and which froze the wages of Public Servants at $2,000. That is, until Dr. Cheddi Jagan, upon his accession to office, told the IMF to put their Draconian conditionalities where the sun does not shine and re-opened wages and conditions negotiations for the labour force, because the PPP has always been a working class party and Dr. Jagan, whom has always championed the causes of the downtrodden, refused to bow to the might of the IMF juggernaut.
Granger’s platform is security; so will this aging presidential candidate call off the “dogs of war”; or does it serve his best interest to increase the pressure on the ruling party, as per the past strategies of the PNC, which ramped up the crime wave through the X-13 Plan and the “Slo fiah, and mo’ fiah”, while calling on their “kith and kin” in the joint services, whom they consider their personal property, as they do their electorate?
His record is there for all to see, for those who want to see, and for those who want a country that is free from fear of the machinations of aging and ambitious glory-hunters. The army put him out to pasture, but he has already eaten up all the grass, now he wants to devour the nation.

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