Thursday, March 24, 2011

No one should be taken aback by the racist and ethnocentric views of compulsive woman abuser Lincon Lewis

Show me your company and i'll tell who you are.

No one should be taken aback by the racist and ethnocentric views of compulsive woman abuser Lincon Lewis. Lewis masquerades as a trade unionist but is in fact a strong supporter of the PNC and its racist propagation.
Very few person pay attention to his ramblings in the local press and to further highlight his irrelevance, his comments are often relegated to the letter section of Kaieteur News PNCR mouth-piece.
Lewis was also one of the proponents of 'armed struggle' by Afro-Guyanese which led to the formation of the Buxton/Agricola gang, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Indo-Guyanese.


  1. Guyanese are looking forward for a bright and prospective future in this country and will not let racial,murderers and destructive element take that future away from our future generation.

  2. The young and future generation of this country need to understand that they are the ones who need to protect there future for themselves and there young ones future by not allowing people like Lincon Lewis the PNC and the AFC take Guyana through another period of hard ship or allowing there criminal gangs to take the lives of our love ones.

  3. That is why I applaud President Jagdeo for his wonderful Babu John speech, for we have to let the young ones and the world know about the PNC and Burnham and how they destroyed Guyana be it at funerals, weddings, church services, concerts all over.

    We must always keep alive those dark days of our country's history alive, never let it let it die for people died for in those days for this country, and by telling the young ones about the dark PNC days we honour our dead who died in those dark days. People tend to forget when they are living in Guyana in good times, and might apt to make a mistake and vote for the PNC. I urge all Guyanaese to vote PPP and move our country forward from hate and destruction.

  4. We must never allow the dark days to prevail over Guyana again, and I mean never, let us all safe guard the future of this country by telling every one about the dark days of the PNC. President Jagdeo has every right to talk about the dark days, be it at Enmore or Babu John because the persons who these hallowed places honour also suffered at that hands of the illegal PNC regime and their ill conceived policies, Long Live President Jagdeo.