Monday, March 14, 2011

Benschop 'caretaker' of drug dealer, Tookie Van Rossum's South Ruimveldt house.

The Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt house built by drug lord under
Benschop's supervision which is used to house criminals and package cocaine.

Mark Benschop is the care-taker of a property located at lot 1573 Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt built by US based drug lord Tookie Van Rossum. Van Rossum is the individual who finances various criminals gangs in Guyana, including the infamous 'Fineman gang' as well as the torching of the Ministry of Health's Brickdam head office. He is a big distributor of cocaine shipped from Guyana to the USA and was deported from that country several years ago but made his way back through the back track route.

The property in question is currently under Benschop's control and is used to conduct criminal activities. Police on several occasions have had cause to conduct searches as well as surveillance of the said property. Benschop frequents the location in the company of several contract killers who hail from the East La Penitence area.


  1. This explain his fast cash flow soon after he was release from prison.

  2. Mark Benschop is the biggest corrupter in Guyana and he manage to get money from these overseas drugs dealer by the running of criminal gangs and the constructing of criminal activities in the country.

  3. The president should have allow Benschop to rot in jail cause he gave him a life back and know he is out to cause division and also put many of Guyanese in danger by the hands of he and co.criminal gang.

  4. Mark looking into how the government workers and official are living and look at this house that he is controlling.Seams like he is working for more than Kwame.