Friday, March 18, 2011

What else is to be expected from a tenant of the PNC?

Raymond Edwards: The bias of Capitol News persists. This is clearly seen in their coverage of Education Minister, Shaik Baksh’s address on the Government’s commitment to improving the University of Guyana. Capitol News carried only selective segments of the minister’s address. In his address, the minister emphasized the need for UG to review its strategic plan, and reconsider the courses they offer as they relate to the functional needs of Guyana and the job market. According to Minister Baksh, the high proportion of social sciences students formally registered at UG floods Guyana with skills that cannot be effectively exploited, since this country does not have the absorptive capacity for such.

To counter this, he called on UG officials to ensure that the nature of courses offered by the university, be balanced and in keeping with the country’s needs. These courses, he said, should be more science and information technology related.

The minister also stressed that government’s monetary commitment to UG in highlighting the 8% increase in the university’s budgetary allocation from 2010 to 2011. UG received $1.1 Billion in 2010 and $1.218 Billion in 2011. A very short part of his address also dealt with the importation of Maths and Science teachers.

Capitol News however, aired only coverage of the importation of teachers which the minister expended very little time on. While it was good of them to provide some coverage of this address, what they aired only highlighted the negative aspects of the address, giving viewers only a grim impression of Guyana’s education system and the government’s interests in its affairs. The Capitol News must impartially honour their responsibility as carriers of the news to the people, and not let their own personal interests hinder this process.


  1. This news cast is a opposition breed plus they are rent the building which house Capitol News.Their job maybe to coverage the bad aspect of the govt works.

  2. The minister is right in his case i do think that the university of Guyana should limit it course to that of the country needs.

  3. What sense it make teaching course here in Guyana and when you migrate you qualification means nothing in countries outside the Caribbeans since the are different spelling outside the Caribbean and different teaching.

  4. Last Poster, the qualifications from Guyana do count overseas, however, you must take an examination in most countries to see if you are proficient in your area of study before obtaining work. Teaching methods may be different but 2 and 2 is four all over the world, 16 ounces is still one 1 pound and London is the still the capital city of UK, methods used may be different worldwide, but outcome is the same.

    Capitol news is wicked, and don't think Guyanese people are not aware of their gutter reporting, people are not stupid as they make us to be. In fact that one hoarse throat reporter of theirs should put down his microphone and give up reporting all together for he sounds like a grater is stuck in his throat when he (tries) to report the news that suits his agenda. Shame on them.