Monday, March 28, 2011

Marcelle Joseph’s “nancy story”

T.King: SACKED Office of the President (OP) employee Marcelle Joseph should have started her “nancy story” by stating "once upon a time" I worked at the Office of the President where I had my own agenda. Her claim that Odinga Lumumba was the person who had threatened her immediately after she was dismissed on an allegation that she leaked information on the government’s purchase of laptop computers is total and a complete fabrication in my opinion.
I had to laugh when I read she mentioned the name George Bachhus and his death as the example for the threat.
According to Joseph, when she received the threat it never occurred to her to report the matter to the police.
It did occur to run right into the loving arms of a notorious trouble maker.
She says: “It doesn’t make sense reporting to the police, because what is going to happen is that the government controls the police. I just wanted to get the hell out of Guyana… and the fastest way possible.”What better way of wanting to get out of Guyana did Marcelle Joseph had?
Marcella Joseph must remember that not all American officials are that stupid not to see right through her and send her packing right back to Guyana.
Who ever coached Marcelle Joseph on something so foolish had to be even more foolish than a fool. Most likely it is Mark Benschop.
She is so afraid for her life and is in hiding in the US but still Kaieteur News could make contact with her.
She is so afraid for her life but at the very moment have no fear for the lives of her family members that she left behind in Guyana.
Mr. Editor, I know the likes of the Marcelle Josephs and the Sasenarine Singhs of this world. Once given a bit of power and authority above others they want others to bow and kiss their feet and when they don't get their way they the cry foul to the highest heavens.
Like I always say, the government ought to thoroughly screen those they hire in all government agencies, especially those of the police and army for some of these people come with an agenda.
In Marcelle Joseph’s case, I think she came there with a personal agenda to get the goods on government to feed it to people like Mark Benschop which will soon blow up in their very own faces.


  1. Marcel Joseph is just highlighting that she is a fool and part of the corrupt elements of this country.The claims that Joseph is making show that she did indeed were working for the Office of the President with her intention of giving confidential information to those of the opposition.

  2. Joseph have all these claims about being threatened and that she fare for her life that is why she fled to the united state since she knows what the government are capable of doing since she worked for them and she also stated over that she left her 4 year old child behind.The picture that Joseph is and MB is trying to paint to the Public about the government tell that Joseph are trying to filled the head of the Public with the lies and propaganda that herself and MB are putting out to the public.Miss Joseph if the Government wanted to harm you dont you think that leaving your young child and family in Guyana would be a way of getting to you?