Monday, March 7, 2011

Sasenarine Singh is a disgruntled former PPP stooge who felt he was entitled to be Finance Minister.

Sasenarine Singh

Do you know that the current AFC point man on economics in 2006 did some elections related running around for the PPP and felt this was good enough to land him a Ministerial post?
Yes! Sasenarine Singh wrote Jagdeo a letter seeking to be the Finance Minister shortly after 2006 general elections.


  1. This party is formed by a bunch of failures cause none of them has good grounding to move it forward but this man has a bad record at every job that he had.....

  2. give up AFC aint no way you guys are getting anywhere in politics....u guys are jus parading yourself for a little attention but thats all u gona get nuttin more...the nation has spoken an they do not see da need for u guys,,,...